We are a small indie game studio. Our team is very diverse with interests in many game genres. 

We don't come from a coding background but took on the challenge of developing games with Unreal Engine.

They said it could all be done with blueprints, so we jumped in the deep end and somehow we are still swimming. 

Our first game 'The Maze' started as a learning exercise and grew exponentially.

Keep scrolling to meet the team.


The team leader that gets it all done, Yunque has dedicated the last few months in the office learning how to use Unreal Engine in its entirety. Without him our games would never see the light of day, so on his behalf, we apologize.


This part of our team does very little work, complains a lot and lets you know when it's lunch time. Not that you'll have time to eat, but you must at his request serve him his food. (Just like any real boss) Always takes the best office chair even if you are sitting on it! However without him our team wouldn't be the same. He's the office cat.

(The office cat appears on the walls of our first game.. 'The Maze ')


Our communications officer. Keeps strict control over the social media, mostly keeping Yunque away from the keyboard so he can't post stupid things. She also is our office manager and controls the spending. We all ask for new equipment and she says we can work with what we have. Somehow she has ended up with the best computer... not sure how that happened. 


The all-rounder in our crew. Does graphic design, voice acting and provides the needed eye rolls when Yunque and Heroic start getting off track.

Has been known to spend all day on one drawing and then discards it because she didn't like it. (Has also been known to work on an assets for a game for over a week and then be told by Yunque that he found what he wanted on the Unreal Marketplace for free.... that lead to an interesting team meeting.)


That person in the office that makes you crazy. You know the type, they appear to be doing nothing and when you ask them do something they complain like you asked them to walk through the desert naked with no water. But then they get it done brilliantly in under ten minutes. For example, Yunque was working on a blueprint for about week, he asked Heroic to take a look it and she had it working in under an hour. (Once again this lead to an interesting team meeting.) Does graphics, voice acting and fixes the coding. 

And special thanks to our proof reader, Min.


L.A.T.I. Game Studios